Mira's Hand

100% pure and premium organic Moroccan argan oil


Rich in vitamin E, our premium quality argan oil can be used for skin and hair. Hydrate and soothe your skin from top to toe. Moisturise your face with just a few little drops, add a tiny drop to your conditioner or use on your dry lips. Apply a few drops to your beard to keep it moisturised and shiny or also apply it to your fresh tattoo to protect the colours and stop the post-tattoo itch. 

No parabens, no silicons and no synthetic perfumes. Just 100% pure triple purified, cold pressed organic argan oil.

Ingredients: 100% pure argan oil in UV protective packaging. Ecocert and USDA organic certified.  


Customer Reviews

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the real deal Argan Oil

i have been using Argan Oil for years, however what i didn't know is that the product i USED to use was NOT what it claimed to be. It contained so many ingredients that were not argan oil.
Mira's Hand Argan Oil is 100% Argan Oil. The scent is a gorgeous, natural, and fresh oil scent. Nothing artificial here. I am so please i have finally found a product which makes my hair feel so soft, without all the nasty, artificial additives. I will definitely purchase this product again.

Smooths on easily & absorbs well

For an oil product I love how easily it glides on & rubs into my skin. I’ve only been using it a few days so can’t yet say if it’s transforming my skin, but I’m enjoying the consistency & my sensitive skin has not reacted at all which is excellent. It’s not getting 5 stars because I can’t stand the smell.

Perfect for my skin.

I have tried so many lotions and potions on my sensitive skin and this is such a simple product and my skin LOVES IT. It doesn’t make me break out, it doesn’t make me oily, it simply moisturises. Perfect. And cheap! It takes me most of a year to use a small bottle just on my face and a little in the hair. ;)

This product is a must!

I have been using the Moroccan Argan oil for two years and it has been absolute lifesaver.

Best product I’ve found for dry hair!

I love this product. My hair is extremely dry and I find if I use this after I wash my hair it provides shine in my hair.
Amazing compared to other so called Algan oil products, this actually works!

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