Mira's Hand

100% pure and premium organic Moroccan argan oil


Rich in vitamin E, our premium quality argan oil can be used for skin and hair. Hydrate and soothe your skin from top to toe. Moisturise your face with just a few little drops, add a tiny drop to your conditioner or use on your dry lips. Apply a few drops to your beard to keep it moisturised and shiny or also apply it to your fresh tattoo to protect the colours and stop the post-tattoo itch. 

No parabens, no silicons and no synthetic perfumes. Just 100% pure triple purified, cold pressed organic argan oil.

Ingredients: 100% pure argan oil in UV protective packaging. Eco cert and USDA organic certified.  


Customer Reviews

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Perfect product

Mira’s Hand 100% Pure and Premium Moroccan Argan Oil is perfect for my sensitive skin. I’ve been using the product for many years now and use on my face, hair and beard every morning after a shower. I love it.

Use it for everything!

I love this Argan oil. It’s the best one I’ve found and I have stuck with it for many years. I use it on my face ever day and I often get comments about how good my skin is. I have nine week old twin girls and I have started using it on them as their cheeks were getting dry and rashy with the winter and constantly having formula on their faces. It has cleared it up within days. My husband has just started using it on his face as his psoriasis is flaring up and it has already improved the appearance in a few days and relieved the itch and sting immediately. It also makes his beard nice and soft. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. Also great customer service from Jamila.

Amazing all rounder product

I have been using this product for around 4 years and I absolutely love it.
It’s fantastic as it can be used for so many purposes - on hair as a deep treatment or just a drop to smooth hair; on hands to moisturise, on the body as a moisturiser (it absorbs well and doesn’t leave a layer of oil), on the face especially in winter for extra nourishment, and I love using it on my dry lips in winter to keep them hydrated!
I Especially love using it when travelling as it has so many uses, I don’t need to bring a whole swag of products traveling with me


100% pure and premium organic Moroccan argan oil

Beauty in a bottle

A must have in my daily skin care schedule. Also doubles as daily cuticle oil and taming my hair.

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