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The original Kessa Mitt. - SOLD OUT!

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Use this original Moroccan Hammam kessa mitt for a thorough exfoliation. Use before tanning or once a week. Get rid of ingrown hairs and reduce cellulite, scars and keratosis pilaris. 

Do not use any body lotions or oils prior to your hammam exfoliation.

Prepare the exfoliating glove by soaking it in warm water. 

If you have heating or heat lamps in your bathroom crank them up. Let your bath run with hot water or run a hot shower and steam your bathroom for 5 minutes.  

Take a hot shower or bath and let the steam and water soften your skin. With the exfoliating glove slowly and gently scrub your body in a back and forth motion (never in a circular motion) for 10 – 15 minutes. Don’t be surprised if the skin comes off in rolls. Your skin will feel alive, as the circulation is invigorated, oxygenation is increased and the lymphatic circulation enhanced. Rinse your glove and your skin with warm water.  

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Worked perfectly, definitely is starting to help my ingrown hair issue! IT MAKES YOUR SKIN SO SMOOTHE TOO!! Thank you x

Dinasha Perera

Im so glad I purchased this product. Ive bought so many exfoliating scrubs/ tools before but none have been as gentle and effective as this. The glove is such good quality and just a gentle scrub gets rid of the roughness on my skin. I have eczema and ive noticed my skin feels more fresh and supple after ive used this. Writing such a lengthy review because i am genuinely pleased with the results. Thank you!

Natasha Veljanoski
best exfoliating mitt

so effective and easy to use, have purchased this multiple times and will definitely continue to

Selena Hem

i was so shocked and slightly disgusted at the amount of dead skin this glove removed! 😳
I had used a pair of cheap exfoliating gloves a few days before hand and nothing like that came off my skin. pure MAGIC.

Kendra B
Love It!

Such a great product, I'm amazed at how well it works as an exfoliator, and how smooth my skin is after using it!

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