Brands: Please, if I can be so bold, don’t touch that Moroccan oil stuff… it’s almost pure mineral oil. I only use 100% Argan.  Miras Hand is great and affordable.                                                                                                                    Sarah Wilson - I Quite Sugar 

Perhaps our favorite pick is the unique Moroccan Hammam Ritual. This popular service is held in the spa’s dry heat hammam and begins with Moroccan savon noir (black soap) and continues with an exfoliation before a rhassoul clay and rose water body wrap. The experience ends with a 60-minute full-body massage using argan oil.                      Forbes Travel Guide 

“Probably one of the best body treatment, ever….”
Stephanie Darling – Sunday Age 

‘Reclining on a marble slab, completely starkers, I’m nibbling on a sliver of icy-cold rockmelon, pondering how flattering – or not – togas would be. Why said state of mind? I’ve just experienced one of the most simplistic yet gratifying body treatments ever in the The Darling’s hammam – a steam-filled warren where today’s centuries-old ritual of cleansing and purification has taken place. First my therapist lathered my skin using a Mira’s Hand cleanser, washing for 10 minutes. Next she took the Kesa (exfoliation gloves) to vigorously eradicate rolls of dead skin cells, years of fake-tan applications disappearing before my eyes. An added bonus: it not only pummels cellulite, but boosts your lymphatic circulation, so besides your skin being left ridiculously glowing, your wobbly bits feel fabulous. A clay mask is then applied to draw out toxins and excess oils, you shower, then the final flours: an argan-oil moisture massage. Then the aforementioned fruit platter arrives. Sigh. Someone peel me another grape…’
Eugenie Kelly, Harper’s Bazaar

“After the treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed, mentally at ease and like my body had let go of all that tension. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who feels like they need to escape both mentally and physically from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You deserve a little luxury.”
Rosemary Bracey, 

“I also recently experienced an Authentic Hamman Ritual by spa brand Mira’s Hand. OMG! This was a mind blowing and utterly decadent body treatment that I would highly recommend to anyone. Imagine a one-hour body treatment combining heat, deep exfoliation, clay mask and heavenly Argan oil massage all in the privacy of your very own Marble Hamman. At the end of the treatment your therapist brings you fresh fruit and cool water. I felt like Cleopatra. Amazing.’                                                                   Bahar Etminan,