Exfoliating savon noir with eucalyptus and argan oil


Exfoliate your skin like never before.

Think you give yourself a good scrub with beads, granules and coffee? Beads and granules might feel 'nice' but also do scratch and might damage the upper dermis.

Savon Noir or also called Moroccan black soap softens the top dead layer of your skin and makes it easy to literally roll dead skin off your entire body. Use in combination with the Moroccan Kessa Glove.

How to Hammam. 

Simply step into a warm shower, rinse your body with warm water and apply a thin layer of savon noir. Leave on the skin for 5 minutes to soften the skin, rinse properly. Then with a back and forth motion exfoliate your skin with the Moroccan Kessa glove. Don't worry if you see dark rolls of skin spaghetti rolls appear. This is your old dead skin shedding.


Savon Noir has been used for centruries in Moroccan Hammam spas and made from natural ingredients such as olive oil pulp, Savon Noir is rich in vitamin E and minerals. Made using techniques that date back more than 3000 years, this soap is celebrated for its ability to purify the skin by helping shed dead skin cells. Use in combination with the Moroccan Kessa glove for the most thorough and deepest exfoliation.  

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Customer Reviews

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Savon Noir is a must

So glad I found Mira's hand! Couldn't live without my weekly exfoliation with this savon noir, my skin is amazingly soft!

Love this body product

Since I first used saving noir in Morocco, I hoped to buy it in Australia. Thanks to Mira's hand I can. I'm older with drying skin and this soap exfoliates and nourishes. My daughters love it too.

Exfoliating Savon noir

A lovely smell awaits me when I apply this lotion and lather it up. My skin feels smooth and I feel my skin is clearer. Thanks!

Perfect soap

I’ve been using this product for 5 years now and am still satisfied :)